Jacob’s Flock Prospers

Book Title: Catechismus, Das ist, Christliche Vnderweisung vnd gegründter Bericht, nach warer Euangelischer vnd Catholischer lehr, vber die Furnembste stücke vnsers hailigen allgemeinen Christen glaubens. ... / zu Maintz im löblichen Ertzdhomstiefft, durch Herrn Michaeln Bischoff zu Merseburg,, der zeit Suffraganeen rc. gepredigt

Author: Helding, Michael, 1506-1561

Image Title: Jacob’s Flock Prospers

Scripture Reference:

Description: Laban allows Jacob to make a herd of his own out of the spotted and dark colored goats and sheep (background, right). Afterwards, Jacob places striped branches before Laban’s unspotted sheep and goats in order to increase the number of spotted and dark colored animals in his own herd. The image is used here to illustrate a violation of the ninth commandment: You shall not covet your neighbor's house.

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