The Radiant Face of Moses

Book Title: Biblia, das ist: Die gantze H. Schrifft, Altes und Neues Testaments teutsch, Herrn Doct. Martin Luthers S. Mit den Summarien Herrn Johann Sauberti und beygefügtem vielfältigem, lehrreichem Nutzen aller und jeder Capiteln von Herrn D. Salomon Glassen, etc. ... Samt einer Vorrede Herrn Johann Michael Dilherrns ... Mit Chur- Fürstlichen Sächsischem Privilegio

Author: Luther, Martin, 1483-1546, tr.

Image Title: The Radiant Face of Moses

Scripture Reference:

Description: Moses comes down from Mount Sinai with the new stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments and his face is shining because he has just spoken with God. This image is flanked by Jesus holding an orb (left) and Abraham about to offer Isaac as a sacrifice. The symbols for the four Gospels are placed above (Matthew and Mark) and below (John and Luke) the left panel, while the angel (who prevented Abraham from slaying Isaac) and the ram and censer are shown above and below the right panel.

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