Historiated Page Border with Initial Letter D

Book Title: Missale romanu[m] nuper ad optatu[m] co[m]modu[m] quoru[m]cu[m]q[ue] sacerdotu[m] summa dilige[n]tia distinctu[m], [et] ex orthographia castigatu[m], atq[ue] ita ex nouo ordine digestu[m] vt appositis introitibus gradualibus offertoriis & co[m]munionibus

Author: Catholic Church

Image Title: Historiated Page Border with Initial Letter D

Description: This historiated page border illustrates various scenes from Jesus' life including the baptism of Jesus (bottom, left); calling of the first disciples (bottom, right); the transfiguration (top, left); and the crucifixion (top, right). The head of the border depicts Jesus enthroned and holding the globus cruciger while surrounded by worshipping angels and cherubim. At the bottom is another depiction of the crucifixion. Finally, the initial letter D features Peter walking on water.

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