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Book Title: Hochschätzbarer Seelen Ehren Thron : das ist Ein wahrhafftes Formular, oder allbewerteste Richtschnur ... die Seel ... in allweg sicher zu stellen

Author: Fortunat, F.

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Scripture Reference:

Description: Three illustrated panels line the top of the left page. On the far left, Eve hands Adam the forbidden fruit as the serpent looks on from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. In the center, Adam and Eve dressed in fig leaves to hide their nakedness are spotted by three angels in the Garden of Eden, closely trailed by the serpent. On the left, God shows favor to Abel’s offering of choice lamb over Cain’s fruits of the soil (Genesis 4). On the register below, Cain attacks Abel in the fields on the left, and Sarai gives her maid Hagar to her husband Abram to bear his children on the right (Genesis 16). Below Cain and Abel, God reveals his plans to destroy the world because of man’s corruptness to Noah, who is sitting on the impending rainclouds (Genesis 6). Directly across the page on the right, God in the form of an angel saves Hagar and Ishmael in the Wilderness of Beersheba after Abraham and Sarah send them away (Genesis 21). Across the bottom of the page are three illustrations. On the left, Noah’s ark sits atop Mount Ararat. In the center, the Lord and his angel come down to Earth to confuse the common language, rendering the completion of the Tower of Babel in the background impossible (Genesis 11). On the right, two angels urge Lot, his wife, and two daughters to flee the city of Sodom before it is destroyed (Genesis 19). Lining the top of the right page are three illustrated panels. On the left, Jacob tricks his father, Isaac, into giving him Esau’s firstborn blessing with the help of his mother, Rebekah (Genesis 27). In the center, the angels of God ascend and descend a ladder bridging the earth and heaven in Jacob’s dream at Bethel during his flight from Esau (Genesis 28). On the right, Joseph’s brothers bow before the governor of Egypt, unaware that he is their own brother, in attempts to buy grain during the famine (Genesis 42). In the register below on the left, Pharaoh’s daughter and her attendants discover baby Moses in a basket floating among the river reeds (Exodus 2). Directly to the right, Joshua reports sounds of war in the camp to Moses as he descends Mount Sinai carrying the two tablets of the covenant law (Exodus 32). One register below on the left, the angel of the Lord appears to Moses in the flames of a burning bush while attending his sheep (Exodus 3). On the same register in the right panel, the Amalekites battle the Hebrews in Rephidim (Exodus 17). Three illustrated panels line the bottom of the page. On the far left, Aaron’s staff is transformed into a snake as he and Moses confront Pharaoh and his magicians in Exodus 7. In the center, people flee from the angel of the Lord in fear as all the firstborn in Egypt fall dead during the last plague (Exodus 11-13). On the right, Moses and the Hebrews look on as Pharaoh’s army is swept into the sea (Exodus 14).

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