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Book Title: Hochschätzbarer Seelen Ehren Thron : das ist Ein wahrhafftes Formular, oder allbewerteste Richtschnur ... die Seel ... in allweg sicher zu stellen

Author: Fortunat, F.

Image Title: Historiated Page Border

Scripture Reference:

Description: Across the top of the left page, Solomon leads a procession as the newly anointed king of Israel (1 Chronicles 29). One register below, David gazes at his helper and servant, Abishag, who lay with the king in his old age to keep warm (1 Kings 1:4). Beneath David and Abishag, David and the elders fall facedown before the angel of the Lord after it ceases destroying Jerusalem with plague (1 Chronicles 21). On the bottom register, David gives Solomon his last commands from his deathbed surrounded by officials (1 Kings 2). Across the top page is a panel divided into three illustrations. On the left is the father of the prodigal son embracing him upon his return home (Luke 15:11-32). In the center, the angel of the Lord points a sword toward Jerusalem as David kneels and beseeches God to cease the plague on the city (1 Chronicles 21). In the top right corner, Lazarus is helped off the ground after Jesus raises him from the dead in John 11. On register below, the sinful woman anoints Jesus by washing his feet with her hair and pouring perfume on them as the Pharisees and disciples look on (Luke 7:36-50). Directly to the right, an angel tells Mary the mother to escape to Egypt with her son until Herod’s death (Matthew 2). Moving down another register, people drown in the Genesis flood as Noah’s ark sails by in the background (Genesis 6-9). Across the page on the right, a man with a nimbus, probably Jesus, confronts other men in a temple setting. On the bottom register in the far left panel, John the Baptist baptizes Jesus in the Jordan River (Matthew 3; Mark 1; Luke 3). In the center, Peter has denied knowing Jesus three times while the rooster in the background crows as Jesus predicted during the Last Supper (Matthew 26; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 18). On the right, Saint Carlo Borromeo (1548-1584) bows before an altar topped with a candle and crucifix.

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