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Book Title: Hochschätzbarer Seelen Ehren Thron : das ist Ein wahrhafftes Formular, oder allbewerteste Richtschnur ... die Seel ... in allweg sicher zu stellen

Author: Fortunat, F.

Image Title: Historiated Page Border

Scripture Reference:

Description: Across the top of the left page is a depiction of David sparing Saul’s life as described in 1 Samuel 24. After the Lord delivers Saul into a cave in which David is hiding, David cuts a piece of Saul’s coat rather than killing him to show his allegiance. The register below shows Abigail, wife of the wealthy landowner Nabal, dismounting from her donkey and bowing before David after his men seek food and supplies from her husband (1 Samuel 25). The illustration directly below features David’s encounter with an abandoned Amalekite in the desert, with whom he makes a deal to track down and defeat the Amalekite raiding party in 1 Samuel 30. In the bottom register, the scene on the left depicts the confrontation of Saul and David’s forces. The scene on the right shows David in his old age lying with his helper and servant, Abishag, to keep warm (1 Kings 1:4). Across the top of the right page, David leads the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem with rejoicing and music (2 Samuel 6), and accepts the head of Ish-Bosheth, son of Saul, from Rekab and his brother Baanah (2 Samuel 4). In the register below, Miphibosheth, son of Jonathan and grandson of Saul, is brought before King David and restored all that belonged to Saul alongside Ziba, a former servant in Saul’s house (2 Samuel 16). Beneath the Miphibosheth scene is a depiction of Bathsheba bathing on the rooftop in a purification ritual as King David gazes at her from the palace. In the foreground is Uriah the Hittite, Bathsheba’s husband, reporting to the battlefield instead of returning home as David requested (2 Samuel 11). The bottom right register shows Adarezer, the son of Rohob King of Soba, lying dead on the battlefield after defeat by David’s forces in their conquest of land around the Euphrates (2 Samuel 8:3-5).

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