Portrait of Maximilian Gandolph von Künburg (1622-1687)

Book Title: Hochschätzbarer Seelen Ehren Thron : das ist Ein wahrhafftes Formular, oder allbewerteste Richtschnur ... die Seel ... in allweg sicher zu stellen

Author: Fortunat, F.

Image Title: Portrait of Maximilian Gandolph von Künburg (1622-1687)

Description: Portrait of Maximilian Gandolph von Künburg (1622-1687), a seventeenth century cardinal of the Holy Roman Church. In front of the portrait stands a plate with the cardinal’s coat of arms, consisting of a red galero (wide-brimmed hat) with 15 tassels on each side decorated with Maximilian’s distinct motto and escutcheon. Two books and the cardinal’s pretiosa, an elaborately embroidered mitre, sit next the portrait. The engraver and designer’s name, B. Block, pinx (pinxit or painted) is written in the bottom left corner.

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