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Book Title: De schriftuurlyke geschiedenissen en gelykenissen van het Oude en Nieuwe Verbond / Vertoonende drie honderd zeven en dertig konstige figuuren ; verrykt met bybelse verklaaringen en stichtelyke verzen, door Joannes Luiken, met het leven van den dichter

Author: Luiken, Jan, 1649-1712

Image Title: Historiated Title-Page Border

Description: On the right side of a pedestal sits the Old Covenant, represented as an elderly woman, head covered and surrounded by a flaming light. She holds in her right hand the flowering staff of Aaron, and in her left the Ephod, while she holds additional scrolls of laws and a priestly garment on her lap and tramples an idol underfoot. Next to her, a cherub holds the Tablets of the Law, on which rest the crown and scepter of Israel’s king. On the left side of the pedestal sits the Gospel with an aureole around her head and a resurrection lily in her hand. Her foot and dominion rest on the globe, while three small angels kneel at her feet and the hourglass of time lies on its side. On the pedestal is a vase with burning incense, from which the smoke rises into the clouds with their angels and cherubim. On the front of the pedestal is written: Luikens Schiftuurlyke Geschienissen en Gelykenissen, Eerste Deel [Luiken’s Biblical Histories and Images, part 1]. Underneath the etching on the right side is written, “J. Luiken fecit” [J. Luiken etched it.].

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