About Christ’s wounds [from Part III]

Book Title: Jezus en de ziel : Een geestelyke spiegel voor 't gemoed : Bestaaende in veertig aangenaame en stichtelyke zinnebeelden : Nevens Het Eeuwige Vaderland en deszelfs vreugde / [Jan Luiken]; in three parts

Author: Luiken, Jan, 1649-1712

Image Title: About Christ’s wounds [from Part III]

Scripture Reference:

Description: Jesus shows the wounds of his hands to the Soul. The Dutch artist and poet, Jan Luiken (1649-1712) was responsible for drawing and etching this emblem and composing the poem that accompanies it.

Poem: The Soul puts her faith in the wounds of Christ.

Who is the rock, in the gap in which the dove hides,
When the hawk hoarse from murder and bloodthirsty howls.
And who is the little Dove? Ah my JESUS, my beloved!
Weren’t thou not the rock, I would never know how to find him,
And is my poor Soul not the defenseless little dove,
That shy before the eternal death, flies into thy wounds?
O yes, my only salvation, for outside thy wounds,
I was nearly devoured by the Eagle of the abyss,
Whereto would I go? Alas! He grasped me in his flight,
And scattered all too cruelly, my feathers in the air.
All my righteousness would be to no avail,
My strength would fail me and leave me,
Therefore, my God, my Love, thou art the true rock
Of my salvation where I hide, thou alone art it,
Thou art the ALL, and I the Nothing, my most beautiful Lord,
Let me learn daily thy strength and my weakness.
My God, my most beautiful Love, my Jesus, all my good,
Thy love-tokens red from the holy heavenly blood,
Thy love-tokens in thy feet and hands,
Make the fire of mutual love so burn in my Soul,
That I wish whole heartily for the death of the flesh,
So that my spirit would pour completely into thy Spirit,
As the water of a river, which sprung from a Sea,
Does not rest until it has flowed into its origin.

God’s Answer:
O ye that dwell in Moab, leave the cities and dwell in the rock, and be like the dove that maketh her nest in the sides of the hole’s mouth. (Jeremiah: 48:28)

(Translation by Josephine V. Brown, with editorial assistance from William G. Stryker) .

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