Title Page for New Testament

Book Title: Biblia : Das ist die gantze Heilige Schrifft Alten und Neuen Testaments / verteutscht durch D. Martin Luther ; Jetzo abermal nach dem letzten im Jahr 1545 noch bey desselben Lebzeiten ausgegangen ... samt zweyfachen theils zum Gedächtniss, theils zum Verstand der Haupt-Sachen selbst dienenden Summarien ... zumalen mit Matthäi Merians sel. schönen lebhaften Original-Kupffer-Stücken gezieret und durch Zugabe des III. und IV. Buchs Ezrä und III der Maccabäer vermehret

Author: Luther, Martin, 1483-1546, tr.

Image Title: Title Page for New Testament

Description: Title page introducing the books of the New Testament. At the base are two angels flank an inscription with the mark of Merian containing a stork holding a snake in its beak with the Latin inscription CICONIA MERIANI. In the center Jesus Christ stands before the Book of Seals in the act of communion, holding out a wafer to the poor and the sick on his right, while on his left his chosen people and priests turn away. In the background scenes from the Old Testament are depicted: Moses and the Israelites with the bronze serpent (right) and the Prophet Jonah and Nineveh (left). At the head, two angels flank the tetragrammaton, which indicates God’s presence as it casts light on the Holy Spirit, represented by a dove. Engraved by Matthaeus Merian (1593-1650).

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