The New Testament

Book Title: Historiæ Biblicæ Veteris et Novi Testamenti : junioribus ad faciliorem eruditionem, senioribus ad vivaciorem memoriam, divini verbi præconibus ad celeriorem reminiscentiam, omnibus ad utilem sanctámque in curiositatem in centum frugiferis foliis exhibitæ / à Josepho & Joanne Klauber

Author: Klauber, Joseph Sebastian, ca. 1700-1768

Image Title: The New Testament

Description: This image depicts various themes and figures from the New Testament. In the bottom-left corner is Matthew the Evangelist with his attribute an angel. Farther in the background is Luke the Evangelist with his attribute, an ox. In the bottom-right corner is Mark the Evangelist with his attribute, a lion. Farther in the background is John the Evangelist with his attribute, an eagle. To the left in the middle of the image are the Apostles John and Peter with their respective attributes, a chalice with a serpent and a pair of keys. Behind Peter is the Apostle James the son of Zebedee, or James the Greater, with his attribute a pilgrim’s hat. To the right in the middle of the image are the Apostles Andrew and Paul, holding their respective attributes a saltire or Saint Andrew’s cross and a sword. Behind Paul is the Apostle Bartholomew holding his attribute, his flayed skin. To the left of Bartholomew is the Apostle James the son of Alphaeus, or James the Lesser, with his attribute a book. To the left of James is the Apostle Simon the Zealot, with his attribute a saw. In the center stands the Virgin Mary holding a cross, next to a fountain with the Lamb of God, and a cross containing the wounds of Christ. At the top stands a triumphant Christ.

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