Riders Sent to Deliver Israel

Book Title: Historiæ Biblicæ Veteris et Novi Testamenti : junioribus ad faciliorem eruditionem, senioribus ad vivaciorem memoriam, divini verbi præconibus ad celeriorem reminiscentiam, omnibus ad utilem sanctámque in curiositatem in centum frugiferis foliis exhibitæ / à Josepho & Joanne Klauber

Author: Klauber, Joseph Sebastian, ca. 1700-1768

Image Title: Riders Sent to Deliver Israel

Scripture Reference:

Description: This image depicts riders from heaven aiding the Maccabeans in battle. In the bottom-left corner a horseman in white clothing, with golden armor and a spear, leads the Maccabeans from Jerusalem to the relief of their comrades. In the bottom-right corner Judas Maccabeus offers a sacrifice for the sins of the dead who fell in battle because of their idolatry. In the top-left corner Razias throws himself from a tower in the city in an effort to die nobly. In the top-right corner Judas Maccabeus has a vision of the high priest Onias praying for the Israelites.

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