Judith Before Holofernes

Book Title: Historiæ Biblicæ Veteris et Novi Testamenti : junioribus ad faciliorem eruditionem, senioribus ad vivaciorem memoriam, divini verbi præconibus ad celeriorem reminiscentiam, omnibus ad utilem sanctámque in curiositatem in centum frugiferis foliis exhibitæ / à Josepho & Joanne Klauber

Author: Klauber, Joseph Sebastian, ca. 1700-1768

Image Title: Judith Before Holofernes

Scripture Reference:

Description: This image depicts Judith meeting Holofernes. In the top-left corner the king of the Medes, Arphaxad, builds the city Ecbatana. At the top Nebuchadnezzar II, the King of Babylon (r. 605-562 BCE), orders his general Holofernes to conquer the kingdoms of the west that have resisted him. At the bottom the people cry out to God as instructed by the priest Eliachim. In the bottom-left corner the troops of Holofernes cut the aqueduct into Bethulia, but the people get water from a stream instead, until the water runs out. In the top-right corner Judith cries out to God, while to the right in the top-right corner God increases her beauty.

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