Joseph Promoted in Egypt

Book Title: Historiæ Biblicæ Veteris et Novi Testamenti : junioribus ad faciliorem eruditionem, senioribus ad vivaciorem memoriam, divini verbi præconibus ad celeriorem reminiscentiam, omnibus ad utilem sanctámque in curiositatem in centum frugiferis foliis exhibitæ / à Josepho & Joanne Klauber

Author: Klauber, Joseph Sebastian, ca. 1700-1768

Image Title: Joseph Promoted in Egypt

Scripture Reference:

Description: This image depicts Joseph’s promotion to vice-regent in Egypt, after he interprets Pharaoh’s dreams. He is given Pharaoh’s ring and his chariot with which to ride throughout the land, as the people in the streets praise him. At the bottom of the image the sheaves of Joseph’s brother are shown bowing down to Joseph’s sheaf. At the top of the image the sun, moon, and eleven stars are shown bowing down, just as in Joseph’s dream. In the upper left-hand corner Joseph’s brothers sell him to Ishmaelites, who take him to Egypt. In the upper right-hand corner Joseph flees from Potiphar’s wife. In the middle-left Joseph interprets the dreams of the chief cup-bearer and the chief baker. In the middle-right Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream. In the lower left-hand corner Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt looking for grain, and unknowingly meet Joseph. In the lower right-hand corner money is found in the grain sacks of Joseph’s brothers.

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