Adam and Eve

Book Title: Historiæ Biblicæ Veteris et Novi Testamenti : junioribus ad faciliorem eruditionem, senioribus ad vivaciorem memoriam, divini verbi præconibus ad celeriorem reminiscentiam, omnibus ad utilem sanctámque in curiositatem in centum frugiferis foliis exhibitæ / à Josepho & Joanne Klauber

Author: Klauber, Joseph Sebastian, ca. 1700-1768

Image Title: Adam and Eve

Scripture Reference:

Description: This image, by Joseph Klauber (1700-1768), provides a graphic narrative of the life of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2-4: God creates Eve from Adam’s side (2:18, upper left); The serpent tempts Eve to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (3:1, upper right); An angel expels Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden (3:24, middle left); Adam and Eve labor through life after being expelled from the Garden (3:19, middle right). Central to the image is a depiction of Eve offering Adam fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (3:1-6, center left) and God confronting Adam and Eve for eating of the forbidden fruit (3:8, center right). Along the bottom are events from the life of Adam and Eve’s children: Abel offers a sacrifice of the first born of his flock (4:4, bottom left); Cain offers a sacrifice of the first fruit of the ground (4:3, bottom center); Cain murders Abel in a jealous rage since God preferred Abel’s offering over his own (4:8, bottom right). Finally, the scene at the bottom far right depicts Lamech murdering a man who injured him as a signal of the continued bloodshed from Cain onward (4:23).

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