Saul Attacks David

Book Title: Figures des histoires de la Saincte Bible, accompagnees de briefs discours : contenans la plus grande partie des histoires sacrées du Vieil & Nouueau Testament, & des oeuures admirables du Dieu viuant, createur de ciel & de la terre, & de Iesu-Christ son fils vnique nostre sauueur & redemteur. : Pour l'exercice ordinaire des ames deuotes & contemplatives. : Le tout dedié au Roy tres-chrestien

Author: Leclerc, Jean, fl. 1573-1627

Image Title: Saul Attacks David

Scripture Reference:

Description: Saul Attacks David Saul attempts to murder David on two occasions. In the foreground, Saul throws a spear at David, while the latter plays the harp. In the back right corner of the image, Michal helps David escape by lowering him through a window. In the back left corner, David leads Saul’s army in battle, his success on the battlefield endearing him to the Israelites but fueling Saul’s envy.

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