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19--Luik The Baker: He who nourishes the body, Is for the spirit
19--Luik The Tailor: Oh Man, wear Your best garment
19--Luik The Carpenter: Small things are pursued, Greater ones are not considered
19--Luik The Bricklayer: The bad neighbor Demands a wall
19--Luik The Glazier: Life craves, Light and air
19--Luik The Plumber: Guide it well, In the mind
19--Luik The Cabinet Maker: Best stored, Least missed
19--Luik The Brush Maker: Everyone should seek The dirty corner
19--Luik The Broom Maker: Clean and sweep, As it pleases God
19--Luik The Basket Maker: the Leaky barrel Retains no liquid
19--Luik The Sieve Maker: Thou who dost watch the small thing, dost not neglect the big things
19--Luik The Chair Maker: Even if made of gold, It breaks like wood
19--Luik The Thread Winder: Though it looked like hate, It does no harm
19--Luik The Silk Winder: Seek and wear What pleases God
19--Luik The Wool Washer: The night vanishes, When the day shines
19--Luik The Weaver: Thou who dost mind thy handiwork makest thy life’s work neat
19--Luik The Nap Shearer: He is wise, who makes the garment, That never wears out
19--Luik The Dyer: Universality Gives unity
19--Luik The Shoemaker: Don’t look at the means, But why it happens
19--Luik The Comb Maker: Comb out the tangle, Before it’s worse
19--Luik The Optician: Not here and there, But to the point
19--Luik The Needle Maker: The more guarded, The sooner prevented
19--Luik The Pin Maker: A wise decision Looks far ahead
19--Luik The Gold Wire Drawer: Virtue keeps its youth
19--Luik The Brass Smith: All shine Is not real
19--Luik The Pewterer: Seek the treasure in yourself, From the very finest vessel
19--Luik The Balance Maker: Keep honest weight For close scrutiny
19--Luik The Blacksmith: Spend your industry At the right time
19--Luik The Coppersmith: When it’s ready, It will be the end of the struggle
19--Luik The Lantern Maker: Dost thou not want to go astray, Follow Jesus’ rays
19--Luik The Knife Maker: Where laughter is, Crying is near
19--Luik The Sword Smith: A lamb, that never shed blood, And carries no wolf’s scratch on its leg
19--Luik The Gunsmith: Virtue’s gun is good, For the evil you encounter
19--Luik The Skate Maker: For little pleasure, A big hazard
19--Luik The Boom and Mast Maker: When flood forces you down, Defend yourself
19--Luik The Pump Maker: Who doesn’t want to sink, Must put hand to work
19--Luik The Shipwright: Avoid sand and cliff With life’s ship
19--Luik The Rope Walker: The course is bad, But the work is right
19--Luik The Sail Maker: The swift wind, Catch it where it’s found
19--Luik The Cooper: If it isn’t closed, It leaks out
19--Luik The Oil Presser: Press oil from the heart, That feeds the light of piety
19--Luik The Candle Maker: Lose the least, For great profit
19--Luik The Butcher: Unthinking Pays no heed
19--Luik The Pastry Baker: Today beautiful, Tomorrow fodder
19--Luik The Sugar Refiner: Christ’s blood, Contained divine sweetness
19--Luik The Apothecary: A potion of Christ’s blood Is precious for the soul
19--Luik The Gardener: The right garden Is not on earth
19--Luik The Miller: Heaven gives, He who catches has
19--Luik The Brewer: The refreshment is ready, Where is thirst’s suffering?
19--Luik The Grain Chandler: What’s inside Is the true kernel
19--Luik The Wheelwright: Dost thou long for sweet comfort, Load thy troublesome bundle unto the Lord
19--Luik The Saddler: Your own Animal Requires Control
19--Luik The Bellows Maker: Fetch, through your breath, From God your air
19--Luik The Turner: The Discoveries are many, Though few for the eternal soul
19--Luik The Instrument Maker: It’s good or bad, Depending on the aim
19--Luik The Surgeon: The heart demands to be bandaged From deathly wounds
19--Luik The Wigmaker: Don’t please the world, But the eye that sees everything
19--Luik The Hatter: The hat of virtue is beautiful, More so than a cold crown
19--Luik The Tanner: What does slavery help, As it would be best forgotten
19--Luik The Paper Maker: Although it’s bad, It comes to rights
19--Luik The Book Printer: Create your happiness From press and print
19--Luik The Copperplate Printer: What the heart incorporates, It conveys
19--Luik The Bookbinder: The eye of the eternal being Can read the book of your heart
19--Luik The Schoolmaster: Make medicine Not venom
19--Luik The Watchmaker: So one is prepared While there is time
19--Luik The Mirror Maker: Resemblance depends On the being, that gave it
19--Luik The Glass Blower: A finer matter Lies under the coarse one
19--Luik The Bleacher: How thou dost boast about thy neatness, Who wearest out the soul’s garment soiled
19--Luik The Stone Sawyer: Everything in time At the end of the struggle
19--Luik The Stonemason: Though scattered, Nonetheless prepared
19--Luik The Brick Maker: Divine service liberates us from Satan’s slavery
19--Luik The Potter: Carry in your earthly pot a more valuable treasure
19--Luik The Glue Maker: Fasten your soul To the eternal good
19--Luik The Peat Cutter: It’s unseen, Though it can have happened
19--Luik The Miner: However valuable, It’s substance of the earth
19--Luik The Minter: The heart, lit with heavenly light, Has no desire to be a moneybag
19--Luik The Goldbeater: Under the covering Lies loss
19--Luik The Silversmith: However noble the material, Still much too coarse
19--Luik The Goldsmith: Feel the ground, From which it originated
19--Luik The Diamond Cutter: They’re drops from a spring, That ends nor begins
19--Luik The Pearl Borer: oh Nimble merchant, search and bid For the pearl, named Jesus
19--Luik The Embroiderer: Embroider thy heart with virtue’s art, So that thou mayst be deemed noble
19--Luik The Tapestry Maker: However beautifully made, Death does separate
19--Luik The Painter: All that they eye sees, Is still not the principal thing
19--Luik The Etcher/Engraver: The restoration when it’s worn, Transfers from one to all
19--Luik The Sculptor: oh Man choose Gain from loss
19--Luik The Musician: Is the little drop sweet, Insist on the flood
19--Luik The Astrologer: What matters most, Should be considered most
19--Luik The Lawyer: The earthly dust and mire, Is not worth the strife
19--Luik The Chemist: He who releases you, Is your friend
19--Luik The Doctor: God is the medicine For hell’s deadly venom
19--Luik The Preacher: Who would like to see eternal welfare, Should preach to himself all day long
19--Luik The Farmer: First sowed, Then reaped
19--Luik The Sailor: Who wants to reach the East, Must retreat from the West
19--Luik The Fisherman: All ye, who swim in the world’s streams, Thou canst not escape the large net
19--Luik The Hunter: The desires of sins, Are biting dogs
19--Luik The Merchant: See far, and toil For eternal fortune
19--Luik The Military Officer: Toleration and suffering, Is Christian fighting
19--Luik The Ruler: Reign over the rebels, Who disturb the heart’s kingdom
19--Luik The Gravedigger: Whoever has presumptions, Look in this mirror