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1712Luik Historiated Title-Page Border
1712Luik Portrait of Jan Luiken
1712Luik The Creation of the World
1712Luik The Creation of Man
1712Luik Man in Paradise
1712Luik Man Tempted
1712Luik The Punishment for the Sins
1712Luik Man Banned
1712Luik Life under the Curse
1712Luik The Sacrifice of Cain and Abel
1712Luik The Fratricide
1712Luik Adam's Death
1712Luik Enoch Taken Away
1712Luik Noah Enters the Ark
1712Luik The Flood
1712Luik Noah Leaves the Ark
1712Luik God's Promise
1712Luik The Tower of Babel
1712Luik Abraham Departs from his Fatherland
1712Luik Abraham and Lot Part Company
1712Luik Melchizedek Meets Abraham
1712Luik The Three Men, with Abraham
1712Luik Lot Leaves Sodom
1712Luik Ishmael Banished
1712Luik Hagar Comforted
1712Luik Abraham's Sacrifice
1712Luik The Sodomites Struck with Blindness
1712Luik Rebekah Has Been Found
1712Luik Abraham Is Buried
1712Luik Esau Sells His Birthright
1712Luik Jacob Is Blessed
1712Luik Jacob’s Ladder
1712Luik Jacob Meets Rachel
1712Luik Jacob’s Wrestling
1712Luik Jacob Meets Esau
1712Luik Joseph Is Sold
1712Luik Joseph’s Bloody Coat
1712Luik Joseph in Prison
1712Luik Joseph Interprets the Pharaoh’s Dream
1712Luik Joseph Exalted
1712Luik Joseph Sells Grain
1712Luik Joseph’s Dream Is Fulfilled
1712Luik Israel Finds Joseph
1712Luik Jacob before Pharaoh
1712Luik Jacob Is Buried
1712Luik Moses Is Found
1712Luik Moses Kills the Egyptian
1712Luik Moses Saves Jethro’s Daughters
1712Luik Moses at the Burning Bush
1712Luik Israel in Egyptian Bondage
1712Luik Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh
1712Luik Plague of Blood
1712Luik Plague of Frogs
1712Luik Plague of Lice
1712Luik Plague of Gnats
1712Luik Plague of Livestock
1712Luik Plague of Boils
1712Luik Plague of Hail
1712Luik Plague of Locusts
1712Luik Plague of Darkness
1712Luik Passover
1712Luik Death of the Firstborn
1712Luik Plague of Israelites
1712Luik Pharaoh’s Demise
1712Luik Manna
1712Luik Water from the Rock
1712Luik Battle with the Amalekites
1712Luik The Covenant on Mount Zion
1712Luik Golden Calf
1712Luik Tabernacle
1712Luik Nadab and Abihu Punished
1712Luik The Quail
1712Luik The Promised Land
1712Luik Korah, Dathan and Abiram Punished
1712Luik The Bronze Snake
1712Luik Balaam
1712Luik The Israelites Cross the Jordan
1712Luik Joshua before the Man Who Appeared
1712Luik The Walls of Jericho Fall
1712Luik Achan before Joshua
1712Luik The Sun and the Moon Stand Still
1712Luik Adoni-Bezek
1712Luik Jael and Sisera
1712Luik The Angel and Gideon
1712Luik Gideon with the Fleece
1712Luik Gideon Makes the People Drink
1712Luik Gideon in the Night
1712Luik Jephthah Meets His Daughter
1712Luik Manoah
1712Luik Samson Conquers the Lion
1712Luik Samson Defeats the Philistines
1712Luik Samson with the Doors
1712Luik Samson Tumbles Dagon’s Temple
1712Luik Ruth and Naomi
1712Luik Ruth and Boaz
1712Luik Hannah with Her Son before Eli
1712Luik The Punished House of Eli
1712Luik Ark of the Covenant Next to Dagon
1712Luik Saul Looks for the Donkeys
1712Luik Saul Anointed as King
1712Luik Samuel Meets Saul
1712Luik David Anointed as King
1712Luik David Plays for Saul
1712Luik David Rescues a Sheep
1712Luik David and the Giant
1712Luik David Persecuted by Saul
1712Luik David and Jonathan
1712Luik David Receives the Consecrated Bread and the Sword of Goliath
1712Luik David Reassures Saul
1712Luik David and Abigail
1712Luik David’s Uprightness
1712Luik Samuel Awoken
1712Luik Saul Falls on His Sword
1712Luik Nathan by David
1712Luik David in Penitence for the Child of Bathsheba
1712Luik The Wise Woman from Tekoa
1712Luik David Kisses Absalom
1712Luik Shimei Curses David
1712Luik Absalom’s Death
1712Luik Joab and Amasa
1712Luik David Pours the Water Out
1712Luik The Psalms of David
1712Luik David’s Final Admonitions
1712Luik Joab Punished
1712Luik Solomon’s First Court
1712Luik Solomon Builds the Temple
1712Luik The Queen of Sheba
1712Luik Solomon’s Fall
1712Luik Ahijah and Jeroboam
1712Luik Jeroboam’s Worshipping of the Calves
1712Luik The Prophet Killed by the Lion
1712Luik Jeroboam’s Wife with the Prophet Ahijah
1712Luik Elijah Fed by the Ravens
1712Luik Elijah and the Widow at Zarepath
1712Luik Elijah Gives the Resuscitated Son to His Mother
1712Luik Obadiah Feeds the Prophets
1712Luik Elijah’s Offering
1712Luik Elijah Prays for Rain
1712Luik Elijah under the Juniper Tree
1712Luik Elijah Meets Ahab in Naboth’s Vineyard
1712Luik Micaiah with Four Hundred Prophets, before Ahab and Jehoshaphat
1712Luik Ahab’s Death
1712Luik The Third Captain in Front of Elijah
1712Luik Elijah’s Ascension
1712Luik Elisha Strikes the Jordan with Elijah’s Cloak
1712Luik Elisha Heals the Water
1712Luik Elisha Curses the Children
1712Luik Elisha Increases the Oil in the Jar
1712Luik Elisha Heals the Pot of Stew
1712Luik Naaman the Syrian Washes Himself
1712Luik Joram’s Death
1712Luik Jezebel’s Death
1712Luik Zechariah Stoned
1712Luik The Man, Risen from the Dead, from Elisha’s Tomb
1712Luik Israel’s Idolatry
1712Luik Hezekiah Roots the Idols Out
1712Luik Sennacherib’s Army Defeated
1712Luik Manasseh’s Idolatry
1712Luik Manasseh Imprisoned
1712Luik Josiah’s Zeal
1712Luik Jehudi Burns Jeremiah’s Scrolls
1712Luik Jeremiah in the Cistern
1712Luik The Babylonian Abduction
1712Luik Daniel and His Companions Fed with Vegetables
1712Luik The Three Men in the Blazing Furnace
1712Luik Nebuchadnezzar Humiliated
1712Luik Belshazzar’s Meal
1712Luik Daniel Was Found Praying
1712Luik Daniel in the Lions’ Pit
1712Luik Bel at Babylon
1712Luik Daniel and the Dragon
1712Luik Queen Esther Fasts and Prays
1712Luik Haman and Mordecai
1712Luik Job’s Messengers
1712Luik Job in Misery
1712Luik Job’s Restored Status
1712Luik Jonah Spewed Out by the Fish
1712Luik Nineveh Reformed
1712Luik The Old Tobit
1712Luik The Young Tobias
1712Luik The Old Tobit Made Happy
1712Luik Holofernes Beheaded
1712Luik The Temple in Jerusalem Is Rebuilt
1712Luik The Narrow Path in the Book of Esdras
1712Luik Ezra’s Journey with His Followers
1712Luik The Rebuilding of the Wall and the Gates of Jerusalem
1712Luik Feast of Tabernacles
1712Luik Heliodorus Is Punished
1712Luik The Mother and Her Seven Sons Are Killed
1712Luik Antiochus Is Punished
1712Luik Ptolemy Philopator Terrified
1712Luik Title-Page Border
1712Luik The Annunciation to Zechariah
1712Luik The Annunciation to Mary
1712Luik The Message to the Shepherds
1712Luik Jesus Is Born
1712Luik The Magi of the East
1712Luik Simeon Takes the Child Jesus in His Arms
1712Luik The Flight to Egypt
1712Luik The Massacre of the Children
1712Luik The Child Jesus among the Teachers in the Temple
1712Luik John the Baptist Preaches in the Desert
1712Luik Jesus Tempted by the Devil
1712Luik Nathanael Comes to Jesus
1712Luik The Wedding in Cana of Galilee
1712Luik Nicodemus Comes to Jesus in the Night
1712Luik The Samaritan Woman
1712Luik Jesus Begins to Preach
1712Luik Jesus Casts the Demons Out
1712Luik Simon Peter’s Boat
1712Luik The Calling of Peter, Andrew, James and John
1712Luik Jesus Heals All the Sick
1712Luik Jesus Heals a Leper
1712Luik The Paralyzed Man Is Lowered through the Roof
1712Luik Matthew the Tax Collector Is Summoned
1712Luik The Man Sick for Thirty-Eight Years
1712Luik Jesus Goes through the Wheat Field
1712Luik Jesus Teaches on the Mountain
1712Luik The Wide and the Narrow Path
1712Luik The Tree Was Known by Its Fruit
1712Luik The Centurion
1712Luik Jesus Raises a Dead Man in Nain
1712Luik Mary Magdalene at the Feet of Jesus
1712Luik Many Women Follow Jesus
1712Luik Jesus Heals a Demon-Possessed Man Blind and Unable to Speak
1712Luik Jesus Teaches on the Sea
1712Luik The Fourth Kind of Seed
1712Luik The Parable of the Weeds
1712Luik The Parable of the Mustard Seed
1712Luik The Parable of the Yeast
1712Luik The Treasure in the Field
1712Luik The Merchant Who Searches for Beautiful Pearls
1712Luik The Net Cast into the Sea
1712Luik Jesus Sleeps in the Boat
1712Luik Jesus in the Country of the Gadarenes
1712Luik The Young Daughter of Jairus Is Raised
1712Luik The Sparrows Discussed by Jesus
1712Luik Jesus Sends His Twelve Disciples Out
1712Luik John the Baptist Beheaded
1712Luik The Five Barley Loaves
1712Luik Jesus Walks on the Water
1712Luik Jesus’s Miraculous Deeds in the Land of Gennesaret
1712Luik Eating with Unclean Hands
1712Luik The Blind Leads the Blind
1712Luik The Canaanite Woman
1712Luik Jesus Heals a Deaf Man Who Can Barely Speak
1712Luik Jesus Heals a Blind Man
1712Luik Jesus Scolds Peter
1712Luik The Tabor Mountain
1712Luik Jesus Casts the Spirit from the Lunatic
1712Luik Peter Takes the Shekel out of the Mouth of the Fish
1712Luik Jesus Puts a Little Child in the Middle of His Disciples
1712Luik The Ungrateful Debtor
1712Luik Jesus Dispatches Seventy Disciples in Pairs
1712Luik The Man Blind from Birth
1712Luik The Good Shepherd
1712Luik The Samaritan
1712Luik Mary at Jesus’s Feet
1712Luik The Friend Demands Bread from His Friend
1712Luik A Rich Man’s Land Had Produced Well
1712Luik The Watchful Servant
1712Luik The House Steward
1712Luik The Barren Fig Tree
1712Luik Jesus Heals the Stooped Woman
1712Luik Jesus Reproaches Jerusalem
1712Luik Jesus Heals a Man with Dropsy
1712Luik The Invited at a Large Dinner
1712Luik Jesus, Turning Around, Speaks to the Crowd Following Him
1712Luik The Lost and Found Sheep
1712Luik The Lost Coin
1712Luik The Lost Son
1712Luik The Dishonest Steward
1712Luik Lazarus and the Rich Man
1712Luik Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers
1712Luik The Rigid Judge
1712Luik The Children Are Brought to Jesus
1712Luik The Rich Young Man
1712Luik The Hired Workers in the Vineyard
1712Luik Lazarus Awakened
1712Luik The Two Blind Men, on the Road
1712Luik Zacchaeus in the Wild Fig tree
1712Luik Jesus Entering Jerusalem
1712Luik Jesus Drives the Buyers and Sellers from the Temple
1712Luik The Cursed Fig Tree
1712Luik The Disobedient and Obedient Son
1712Luik The Tenant Farmers of the Vineyard
1712Luik The Guest without Wedding Clothes
1712Luik The Tax Coin Shown to Jesus
1712Luik Jesus Sits Across from the Collection Box
1712Luik Jesus Sits on Mount of Olives Opposite the Temple
1712Luik Two Shall Lie on One Bed
1712Luik Two Men Will Be in the Field
1712Luik Two Women Will Be Grinding at the Mill
1712Luik The Thief Comes in the Night
1712Luik The Five Wise and the Five Foolish Maidens
1712Luik The Distribution of the Talents
1712Luik The Final Day
1712Luik The Hungry Were Fed
1712Luik The Thirsty Were Given to Drink
1712Luik The Strangers Were Housed
1712Luik The Naked Were Clothed
1712Luik The Sick Were Visited
1712Luik The Prisoner Was Visited
1712Luik Mary Pours the Balm on the Head of Jesus
1712Luik Last Supper
1712Luik The Washing of Feet
1712Luik Jesus Prays in the Garden of Gethsemane
1712Luik Jesus Was Taken Prisoner
1712Luik Jesus before the Council
1712Luik Jesus Whipped
1712Luik ECCE HOMO: Jesus, with the Crown of Thorns and the Purple Robe
1712Luik Jesus Carries His Cross
1712Luik Jesus Crucified
1712Luik Jesus Buried
1712Luik Jesus’ Resurrection
1712Luik Jesus Reveals Himself to Mary Magdalene
1712Luik The Travelers to Emmaus
1712Luik Jesus Reveals Himself to the Disciples and to Thomas
1712Luik Jesus Reveals Himself at the Sea
1712Luik Jesus’ Ascension
1712Luik Whitsunday
1712Luik Peter and John Went Up to the Temple
1712Luik The Disciples Beaten
1712Luik Stephen Is Stoned
1712Luik The Ethiopian Baptized by Philip
1712Luik Conversion of Saul
1712Luik Ananias Places His Hands on Saul
1712Luik Tabitha Is Raised Up
1712Luik Cornelius the Centurion
1712Luik The Disciple James Is Killed
1712Luik The Disciple Peter Is Released from Prison
1712Luik Paul Expels the Fortune-Telling Spirit
1712Luik Paul Preaches on the Areopagus
1712Luik The Converted Ephesians Burned Their Books
1712Luik Paul’s Farewell to the Ephesians
1712Luik Paul’s Shipwreck
1712Luik The Viper on the Hand of Paul
1712Luik Paul Comes to the Romans
1712Luik The Epistles of the Apostles Read Aloud in Public
1712Luik John on the Island of Patmos