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1672Bibl Plague of Frogs
1672Bibl Red Sea
1672Bibl Ten Commandments, Battle of Amalek, and Quail and Manna
1672Bibl Golden Calf
1672Bibl Fiery Death for Nadab and Abihu
1672Bibl Expedition Returns, Bronze Snake, and Balaam's Donkey
1672Bibl Aaron's Staff Buds
1672Bibl Joshua Succeeds Moses and Moses Sees the Promised Land
1672Bibl Crossing the Jordan and Rahab
1672Bibl Battle of Jericho and Achan's Sin
1672Bibl Sun Stands Still
1672Bibl Jael Shows Barak the Body of Sisera
1672Bibl Gideon's Call and his Army
1672Bibl Scenes of Jephthah and his Daughter
1672Bibl Scenes from Samson’s Life
1672Bibl Benjamites Seize Wives from Shiloh
1672Bibl Historiated Title-Page Border
1672Bibl Printer’s Device of Johann Stern
1672Bibl Tailpiece
1672Bibl Tailpiece
1672Bibl Tailpiece
1672Bibl Headpiece
1672Bibl Creation
1672Bibl Fall
1672Bibl Cain Kills Abel
1672Bibl Fleeing from the Flood
1672Bibl The Stories of Noah and the Tower of Babel
1672Bibl Abram and Melchizedek
1672Bibl Three Visitors
1672Bibl Hagar and Ishmael Sent Away
1672Bibl Near Sacrifice of Isaac and Rebekah at the Well
1672Bibl Jacob and Esau
1672Bibl Jacob Meets Rachel
1672Bibl Jacob Wrestles with God and Is Reconciled to Esau
1672Bibl Joseph's Dreams
1672Bibl Joseph and Potiphar's Wife
1672Bibl Joseph’s Success in Egypt
1672Bibl Jacob Blesses His Sons
1672Bibl Moses, the Burning Bush, and Slavery
1672Bibl God Turns Moses' Staff into a Serpent and Plague of Blood
1672Bibl Episodes from the Story of Ruth
1672Bibl Capture of the Ark, Temple of Dagon, and the Return of the Ark
1672Bibl Samuel Anoints Saul
1672Bibl David and Goliath and Israelite Women Praise David
1672Bibl Saul Attacks David and Michal Helps David Escape
1672Bibl Abigail with David Spares Saul's Life
1672Bibl Saul Consults the Medium at Endor
1672Bibl Death of Saul
1672Bibl David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem
1672Bibl David and Bathsheba
1672Bibl Shimei Curses David
1672Bibl Death of Absalom
1672Bibl Solomon's Wisdom
1672Bibl Solomon's Idolatry
1672Bibl A Lion Slays the Man of God
1672Bibl Episodes from the Life of Elijah
1672Bibl Episodes From the Life of Elisha
1672Bibl The Healing of Naaman's Leprosy
1672Bibl Elisha's Bones Resurrect the Dead
1672Bibl Isaiah Prophesies Hezekiah's Recovery
1672Bibl David Pours Out Water
1672Bibl Humiliation of David's Men
1672Bibl The Queen of Sheba
1672Bibl The Stoning of Zechariah
1672Bibl Rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple
1672Bibl Ezra Reads the Book of the Law
1672Bibl King Xerxes' Banquet
1672Bibl Esther's Request
1672Bibl Messengers to Job
1672Bibl Job's Affliction
1672Bibl David the Psalmist
1672Bibl Solomon
1672Bibl Solomon and Vanity
1672Bibl Prophets
1672Bibl Headpiece
1672Bibl Isaiah's Call
1672Bibl Call of Jeremiah
1672Bibl Ezekiel's Vision and the Valley of Dry Bones
1672Bibl Dream of Statue and Fiery Furnace
1672Bibl Writing on the Wall with Dream of the Tree
1672Bibl Daniel in the Lion's Den
1672Bibl Jonah and the Large Fish
1672Bibl Judith Before Holofernes and Death of Holofernes
1672Bibl Tobit Buries Body and Tobit Blinded
1672Bibl Tobias' Journey and Tobit's Sight Restored
1672Bibl Zeal of Mattathias
1672Bibl Death of Heliodorus
1672Bibl Martyrdom of the Seven Brothers
1672Bibl Susanna and the Elders
1672Bibl Temple of Bel and Dragon
1672Bibl Jesus Christ
1672Bibl Magi, Massacre of the Innocents, and Flight to Egypt
1672Bibl Calling Disciples and the Sermon on the Mount
1672Bibl Jesus SleepsThrough a Storm
1672Bibl Call of Matthew, Healing of the Paralytic, the Woman with the Issue of Blood, and Jairus' Daughter
1672Bibl Lord of the Sabbath and the Parables of the Sower and Weeds
1672Bibl Jesus Walks on Water
1672Bibl The Transfiguration of Jesus
1672Bibl Parable of the Unmerciful Servant
1672Bibl Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard
1672Bibl Triumphas Entry and the Fig Tree
1672Bibl Parable of the Wedding Feast
1672Bibl Parable of the Ten Virgins
1672Bibl The Last Supper
1672Bibl Jesus Is Flogged
1672Bibl The Burial of Jesus
1672Bibl Baptism of Jesus
1672Bibl Jesus Heals a Demoniac
1672Bibl Death of John the Baptist
1672Bibl Feeding the 4,000
1672Bibl Jesus and the Little Children and the Rich Ruler
1672Bibl Cleansing the Temple
1672Bibl Paying Taxes to Caesar
1672Bibl Garden of Gethsemane
1672Bibl Jesus Before Pilate
1672Bibl Jesus Mocked
1672Bibl Zechariah and Angel, and the Annunciation
1672Bibl Nativity, Shepherds, Circumcision and the Boy Jesus in the Temple
1672Bibl Temptation of Jesus
1672Bibl Resurrection at Nain and Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman
1672Bibl Parable of the Good Samaritan
1672Bibl Exorcism of Mute Demon
1672Bibl Parable of the Prodigal Son
1672Bibl Rich Man and Lazarus
1672Bibl Zacchaeus
1672Bibl Arrest of Jesus
1672Bibl Carrying the Cross
1672Bibl Road to Emmaus
1672Bibl The Ascension of Jesus
1672Bibl Wedding at Cana
1672Bibl Woman at the Well and the Roman Official
1672Bibl Healing at Bethesda
1672Bibl Trial of the Adulteress and Jesus Threatened with Stoning
1672Bibl Jesus Raises Lazarus
1672Bibl Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet
1672Bibl Jesus Tried Before Annas and Caiphas
1672Bibl Jesus’ Side Pierced
1672Bibl Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene
1672Bibl Jesus and Thomas
1672Bibl Peter Heals the Lame Beggar
1672Bibl Death of Ananias and Persecutiion
1672Bibl The Stoning of Stephen
1672Bibl Conversions of the Samaritans and the Ethiopian Eunuch
1672Bibl Saul's Conversion
1672Bibl Cornelius and Peter
1672Bibl Peter's Escape from Prison
1672Bibl Sergius Paulus
1672Bibl Paul and Barnabas Worshiped and Persecuted
1672Bibl Philippi
1672Bibl Sons of Sceva and Ephesian Riot
1672Bibl Paul and Viper
1672Bibl One Like a Son of Man
1672Bibl Throne Room and Seals
1672Bibl Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Trumpets and 144,000 Sealed
1672Bibl Little Scroll, Woman and Dragon, and Witnesses Taken
1672Bibl Beasts of Earth and Sea, Lamb and Angels, and Harvest
1672Bibl Seven Bowls, Whore of Babylon, and Fall of Babylon
1672Bibl Beast Bound, Armageddon, and the Final Judgment
1672Bibl New Jerusalem