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1548Bale Throne Room
1548Bale Armageddon
1548Bale 144,000 Sealed
1548Bale Sixth Trumpet
1548Bale Fifth and Sixth Seals
1548Bale Beasts of Earth and Sea
1548Bale Lamb and Angels
1548Bale Seven Bowls
1548Bale One Like a Son of Man
1548Bale The Two Witnesses
1548Bale Woman and Dragon
1548Bale Angel With Key
1548Bale The Apostle John
1548Bale Whore of Babylon
1548Bale Little Scroll
1548Bale Armageddon
1548Bale New Jerusalem
1548Bale Fall of Babylon
1548Bale Harvest
1548Bale Fifth Trumpet