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1540Osia The Nativity
1540Osia Healing the Blind
1540Osia Choosing Disciples
1540Osia The Empty Tomb
1540Osia Sermon on the Mount
1540Osia The Young Jesus in the Temple
1540Osia Cost of Discipleship
1540Osia Sermon on the Plain
1540Osia Triumphal Entry
1540Osia The Presentation
1540Osia The Visitation
1540Osia Faith of the Centurion
1540Osia Parable of the Unfruitful Tree
1540Osia Carrying the Cross
1540Osia Massacre of the Innocents
1540Osia Paying Taxes to Caesar
1540Osia Birth and Circumcision of John
1540Osia Wedding at Cana
1540Osia Trial of the Adulteress
1540Osia Sheep and Goats
1540Osia Jesus Restores Peter
1540Osia Jesus Before Caiaphas
1540Osia Jesus Threatened with Stoning
1540Osia At Table
1540Osia Cleansing the Temple
1540Osia Gabriel Visits Zechariah
1540Osia Wedding of Mary and Joseph
1540Osia Taxes
1540Osia Parable of the Prodigal Son
1540Osia Jesus Before Herod
1540Osia Jesus Learns of Lazarus's Illness
1540Osia Coming To Jesus
1540Osia Jesus Sentenced
1540Osia Call of Matthew
1540Osia Pentecost
1540Osia Jesus Before Sanhedrin
1540Osia Jesus Annointed by a Sinful Woman
1540Osia Jesus' Teaching on Greatness
1540Osia Baptism of Jesus
1540Osia Parable of the Good Samaritan
1540Osia Jesus Stripped
1540Osia The Crucifixion of Jesus
1540Osia The Crucifixion of Jesus
1540Osia Replacing Judas
1540Osia Jairus' Daughter
1540Osia The Last Supper
1540Osia Jesus and Disciples
1540Osia Exorcism in Synagogue
1540Osia Parable of the Prodigal Son
1540Osia Calling of Peter
1540Osia Woman Kneeling Before Jesus
1540Osia Jesus Heals a Paralytic
1540Osia Feeding the 4,000
1540Osia Title-Page
1540Osia Initial Letter E
1540Osia Mary and Martha
1540Osia John the Baptist
1540Osia Garden of Gethsemane
1540Osia Judging Others
1540Osia Feeding the 5,000
1540Osia Beating and Mockery
1540Osia Widow's Offering
1540Osia Soldiers
1540Osia Marriage at the Resurrection
1540Osia Jesus and the Pharisees
1540Osia Jesus and the Pharisees
1540Osia Visit of the Wise Men
1540Osia Genealogy of Jesus
1540Osia Jesus Before Pilate
1540Osia Parable of the Unmerciful Servant
1540Osia Jesus Sends Out the Disciples to Preach
1540Osia Shepherds Visit
1540Osia The Annunciation
1540Osia Miraculous Catch of Fish
1540Osia Nicodemus
1540Osia Canaanite Woman
1540Osia Parable of the Tenants
1540Osia Jesus and Pharisees
1540Osia Jesus Sends out the Twelve Disciples
1540Osia Olivet Discourse
1540Osia Jesus and his Disciples
1540Osia Ten Lepers